Mancala Game Board

Birch with Black River Rock

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Easy to Learn, But Challenging to Master

The mechanics are simple: two players take turns "sowing seeds" into the pits on the game board following simple rules. The player with the most seeds at the end wins.

However, as the players get better at playing, the strategy gets increasingly complex. It is a great way to stretch and challenge the mind.

International Game with Home-Grown Manufacturing

Purple Squirrel's Mancala board is made here in the U.S, but the game is played internationally.

There are more than 200 known variants of the game. This particular board is best suited for Oware or Kalah. The instructions included are for Kalah, a variant played often in Europe, North America, and the Carribean.

Great for Children ... and Adults

Because the mechanics are simple, the game is easily taught to children; allowing for a fun game that a grown-up would enjoy playing with a child. And, once they learn the rules, children find it fun to play with other children.

Customized Board Shape

A Kalah-style Mancala board has two rows of pits and two larger Kalah pits. This board is no different. But what is unique is the teardrop-shaped pits concentrate the stones near the players, while still allowing for more seeds/stones if a pit becomes full. The curved shape of the board corners also makes it obvious which Kalah pit belongs to which player.

Quality Long-Lasting Materials

Cut from domestic hardwood Birch wood, our game board is beautiful enough to leave out on a coffee table while entertaining guests, and it is designed to last a lifetime. The included playing pieces are not painted bits of plastic, but made from rounded river stones.

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