Kalah Mancala

A Mobile Android Application

This app was written to accompany the physical mancala board game. It plays the same Kalah game described with the instructions. It even plays on the photograph of the board and with real sound samples.

Interested? It is completely free to play. Not even advertisements. Follow this link to the Google Play store:

Kalah Mancala

Play 12 unique characters.

You will start playing Mancala with Maisy, who just learned the game, and work your way up to ThoughtNet, an advanced AI that finds playing mere humans...amusing. Each of the twelve characters have their own style of play, cautious to greedy, exacting to experimental, ... each with a mix strategy and tactics. Each time you win against a character, you can play the next one.

Play the way YOU learned to play.

There are over 200 different games playable with a Mancala board. This app plays the version most common in Western Europe and North America: Kalah. But even with Kalah, many folks learn different house rules. Check out the "Rules" tab of the settings screen. You can adjust the Mancala rules to match up with the way you expect the game to be played.

Beautiful play environment.

While the character images are definitely drawings, the rest is based on a real world Mancala board and "seeds" (stones). Choose between two types of wood and three unique stones. Even the sounds are from real-world recordings of the wood/stone combinations.

No harassing adverts, in-app purchases, or special permissions.

Everything is fully featured as soon as you get the app. No hidden gotchas anywhere. It is simply a game of Mancala with twelve unique characters.

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