Mancala Game

The Physical Game

The Mancala Game board was both an inspiration and another experiment into the world of production. Mancala is a game I've enjoyed playing; it is easy to learn yet challenging to master.

My particular version has some stylistic changes that make it different from most Mancala boards.

The first is the large rounded corners and shifted kalahs (stores} to the players' left. It's not just to make the board more attractive, it also has a practical benefit. For new players, it makes it easier to remember which store belongs to the player, because their own kalah is actually closer to them on their right:

the rounded corners and the nearer kalah/stores

Secondly, the pits have a seed or raindrop shape to them. It gives it an interesting, organic feel.

The board is now available for purchase on The links:

Or, even better, Midwest Merchandising is selling the boards directly:

If curious, details of the physical production of the board are at the Maker Redux web site:

The Mobile App

The mobile app is a game modeled on the physical board with a dynamic AI to play against.

The mobile app is 50% done. Most of the coding is complete, and I'm working with a pair of artists to do the layout and graphics. The first version out will be for Android, but an IOS version will quickly follow. I'm hoping to have the first release out this year (2017).


Currently the game only supports the Kalah game rules. But I'm hoping to add Oware afterwards.